End of life care

End of life care

At Alderwood, we’re dedicated to supporting our residents to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives full of happiness, dignity and respect.

This unwavering dedication and approach to care extends throughout our residents’ lives with us, from the moment they begin living with us, to the days after they have passed away, ensuring their wishes are met and the care delivered at the end of their life is dignified and as comfortable as possible.


End of life care is the specialist care provided to someone during the later stages of their life and can span the final years of their life, not just their last days or moments.

We understand that thinking or talking about the end of a loved one’s life is often very difficult and emotional and it may feel like the conversation about their wishes can be delayed for another day – particularly if the person is generally in good health.

However, proactively talking about what your loved one would like to happen when they are nearing the end of their life, provides much-needed reassurance and comfort for everyone when the time comes. This vital knowledge also guides our team members to ensure we are able to provide care and support in line with our resident’s wishes, knowing who they want close and what they would like to happen after their death all as part of our end of life care in our Essex home.


Our passion for providing the very best end of life care to our residents in Essex has been marked by our commendation from the Gold Standards Framework (GSF).

This independent accreditation is in recognition of our high-quality end of life care where residents, and those closest to them, are supported during this precious time by skilled team members who have formed close bonds with you and your loved one.

Our team members are trained in providing compassionate and gentle end of life care, and we work closely with community care colleagues, such as GPs, hospitals and hospice teams to ensure our residents who are nearing the end of their life, remain as comfortable as possible.


When a resident comes to live with us, we not only care about them and their wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of those people who are most important in their lives. Our trained and compassionate team members who offer end of life care at our Colchester care home are there to ensure the wishes of you and your loved one are fully met.

When one of our cherished residents is nearing the end of their life, we are there for them and those people who are closest to them. We know the feeling of loss and understand the emotions – many of us have been there ourselves, and so, we are often the shoulder to cry on, are there to listen when you need us, and give a hug at the end of a difficult visit.


Within our Outstanding rated Essex care home, we provide a range of care including residential carenursing care and dementia care in addition to short term respite care and day care. This means our residents should never find themselves in the position where they have to move out of our home when their care needs change.


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