Letters Of Thanks

Sarah , January 23, 2020

To all the staff working on the ground floor,

Now that mum (Doreen) has moved to the first floor, I wanted to express my gratitude to everyone for making mum’s three years (where does the time go?!) with you so enjoyable.
I will always remember the care you gave her and the interest you showed.

Mum couldn’t haven’t been in a better place at this stage of her life. I hope to see you around the home – perhaps at the activities which mum loves so much.

Best wishes,

Sarah (Doreen’s daughter)

Carolyn, July 31, 2019

Dear Nikki,

Just a note to say a very BIG THANK YOU for the lovely plants.

I will give my sister her plant when I next see her. I love flowers but it is lovely to receive something more permanent (subject of course to my gardening skills!) to remember my dad’s time at Alderwood. I know just the spot where we will plant the Clematis.

It is strange how much Alderwood was part of my life and then suddenly not at all. I do still think about some of your lovely lady residents on the 1st floor!

Despite the circumstances, I only have good memories of Alderwood itself, so thank you again for that and the beautiful plant.

With my warmest wishes for the future.

Carolyn x

Carolyn, July 24, 2019

To all the wonderful Alderwood team,

A big heartfelt THANK YOU for all your kindness and compassion in caring for Chris.

I was constantly amazed by your patience, enthusiasm and sense of fun. At a difficult time I only have fond memories of Alderwood and my best decision was definitely entrusting my dad’s care to you all.

I have two regrets. Firstly that my dad did not have the opportunity to enjoy all that Alderwood has to offer in only 4 months. Secondly that you did not see more of the Chris I knew.. sociable, chatty and with a great sense of humour. At least now you can replenish your orange juice stocks!!

I could not be more pleased that my dad spent his last days in your car. Keep up the fantastic work – you really are all fantastic.

With love and warmest wished for the future.

Carolyn x