Letters Of Thanks

Carolyn, July 31, 2019

Dear Nikki,

Just a note to say a very BIG THANK YOU for the lovely plants.

I will give my sister her plant when I next see her. I love flowers but it is lovely to receive something more permanent (subject of course to my gardening skills!) to remember my dad’s time at Alderwood. I know just the spot where we will plant the Clematis.

It is strange how much Alderwood was part of my life and then suddenly not at all. I do still think about some of your lovely lady residents on the 1st floor!

Despite the circumstances, I only have good memories of Alderwood itself, so thank you again for that and the beautiful plant.

With my warmest wishes for the future.

Carolyn x

Carolyn, July 24, 2019

To all the wonderful Alderwood team,

A big heartfelt THANK YOU for all your kindness and compassion in caring for Chris.

I was constantly amazed by your patience, enthusiasm and sense of fun. At a difficult time I only have fond memories of Alderwood and my best decision was definitely entrusting my dad’s care to you all.

I have two regrets. Firstly that my dad did not have the opportunity to enjoy all that Alderwood has to offer in only 4 months. Secondly that you did not see more of the Chris I knew.. sociable, chatty and with a great sense of humour. At least now you can replenish your orange juice stocks!!

I could not be more pleased that my dad spent his last days in your car. Keep up the fantastic work – you really are all fantastic.

With love and warmest wished for the future.

Carolyn x 

Anne-Veronique Portet Sloman, July 23, 2019

Dear Nikki,

Now that time has passed and one can reflect on events with a little less emotion I would like to thank you once again for the tremendous input that we felt that your staff and yourself put towards the extraordinary way that you accompanied our mother these last few years .

Your definition of care is one that we could wish on everyone at the end of their lives …there are no words to describe your heartfelt care and love that you bestowed on Marie.

I have thanked you for many things but I forgot one important aspect …..

Isabel and I would like to thank you for the superb Wake or “Celebration of life “Reception ” that you organised with your staff for us .I must admit that you certainly went out of your way to make this a very memorable occasion .. It allowed us to reunite everyone who was so important to our mother, and all the family that had come from abroad to converse with the staff who had been so important to our mother these last few years. I think that it most important that the family can mix with the  staff  Many of the people  present at the Wake rang us later to say how fantastic it was to be able to celebrate  our mother’s life is such a way … As the Rt. Revd Thomas Mc Mahon, Bishop Emeritus of Brentwood ,who officiated at our mother’s  Funeral , told you as he said goodbye on leaving the Care Home after attending the Wake    ” I wish all Care Homes would organise this type of Reception … I have attended many Funerals over the years but I have never before seen a Care Home organise this kind of caring and warm hearted Wake … absolutely fantastic!!”

Anne-Veronique Portet Sloman

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